Let's transform your work life...bite by bite.

Executive Coaching and Team Development

Partner with Little Bites to get the right work done right. Through group workshops and one-on-one executive coaching, I specialize in helping individuals and teams identify and take concrete steps - "little bites" - that make a big difference.

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Organization & Planning

Get clear on your top priorities and actions at every level, and lock in the system to help you get it all done.


Team Development

Through skillful group facilitation, identify your team’s key opportunities for growth and work to develop and maintain healthy, positive relationships and team systems.


Maximizing Time & Efficiency

Take control of your calendar to get the most important things done (without working 24/7 and being miserable)!

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Transitions, Leave, & Re-Entry

Ensure your organization’s ongoing success and support your team members through personal and professional transitions and growth.

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Division of Labor/Project Management

Create or revamp plans for collaboration, execution, and workflow management.

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Growing Leadership

Lean into your values, explore
your preferences through the
Myers-Briggs Typological
Indicator, or activate your
unique strengths with the Clifton StrengthsFinder.

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Kelly is also the co-creator of the Shine360, a 360-degree feedback coaching process for executives and school leaders. 

The Shine360 engages leaders in an asset-amplifying coaching cycle where feedback, reflection & action planning cycle yield accelerated learning & increased impact. Contact Kelly for more information. 

What people are saying about Little Bites

"Working with Kelly helped me push through from org-mess to org-master. The tools, coaching, practice, and feedback along the way made the difference in my ability to manage myself and my team."

“Kelly, you did a great job of providing opportunities for others to safely and compassionately self-reflect.  What genuine, accepting language and coaching!”

"The whole presentation definitely resonated with our needs. You hit people in the heart because you empathize with our struggles. Just great emotional connection to the crowd."

“I was so close to burnout and thinking I need to find another job. Now, I feel like I have more control and can see a path forward.” 

"Kelly was vital to me rescuing myself from crazy work-land this past year and really helped me get strong, and eventually great at delegation, prioritization, and work balance."

“I have such gratitude for you and all of your help with our 5 Dysfunctions of a Team retreat.  I really feel like the day with you was a moment that all of us look back on as pivotal to changing the culture on the team.  That day also led to us talking about how we can inspire other teams to have a stronger culture.”